Recessed Narrow Square Panel Light

Recessed Narrow Square Panel Light
Recessed Narrow Square Panel LightRecessed Narrow Square Panel Light
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Panel light
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Recessed Narrow Square Panel Light


Recessed Narrow Square Panel Light
Power :6W 9W 12W 18W 24W
Working Voltage:AC85-265V
Housing Color LED:Pure white Painting can be make colorful electroplate 
LED CCT :7000-8000K/6000-6500K/2800-3200K/3800-4500K
Lumen :24-26Lm/LED; 26-28Lm/LED; 28-30Lm/LED 
Completed lamp lumen: 80lm/W; 
             Size   cuting size
6W  90x90x20mm   75x75x20mm
9W 120x120x20mm  105x105x20mm
12W 145x145x20mm  125x125x20mm
18W 175x175x20mm  155x155x20mm
24W 225x225x20mm  205x205x20mm

This products from us are ripe in the Market now.

This item's advantage is more biger light-emitting area, more brighter than old panel light design. more slim, more elegant appearance.

It have many kinds of eletroplate color.  Such as pearl black / pearl nickel / french gold / Sweep nickel / Chrome / Light Wood / Dark wood.

Product features
LED panel lamp overturns the traditional light emitting properties, with its thin, surface emitting, energy saving, environmental, health and other characteristics of excellent debut, is the office, family come first on the list, the selected advertisement lamp.

High efficiency and energy saving: energy saving, high brightness, infrared, ultraviolet, no thermal effects, the most efficient costant current drive, improve the heat treatment, the green environmental protection; 

Bright and unifrom light: bright light is completely flat output, emitting angle wider;

Emergency treatment: on different occasions, in accordance with the requirements of customers, a flat lamp installation matching with emergency function, power still sustainable supply for 3 hours. 

Scope of application
widely used in hotels, conference rooms, banks, factories, office buildings, commercial, residential, schools, hospitals and other needs of energy saving and high color rendering index places of lighting.